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Regular Service & Events Schedule
Please see our calendar page for upcoming special events.

The Consecration of the Human Being -

Communion Service for Adults

10:30 am Sundays (childcare provided)

7:30 am Thursdays (not in Summer)

In The Christian Community, the communion of bread, wine (no alcohol) and peace is a freely given gift available to all who seek it.


Sunday Service for Children

10 am Sundays

A service for children in 1st - 8th grades where they hear about the working of the Spirit of God in all things and of Christ as the teacher of human love. If younger children are comfortable being still and listening, they can sit in the back with their parents.


Story/Sunday School for Children

9:15 am Sundays through the school year 

A time of reverence for families with children. It includes a short, sacred story mostly connected to God's presence in nature as well as song and prayer appropriate for the youngest among us. 

Confirmation Class

For children becoming youth we celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation at age 14 (8th graders) every Spring.  Confirmation classes prepare them for this moment and connect them to a group of peers going through the same rite of passage. Parents of 7th and 8th graders interested in confirmation should contact Revs. Emma Heirman or Matthias Giles for more information.




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