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A Vessel of Selflessness

To be human

Is to become visible

While carrying

What is hidden as a gift to others. 

                                ~David Whyte

There is a delightful custom at this time of year, as the days grow shorter and we walk in more hours of darkness, which consists in carving out inner spaces, and putting light inside of them, so that the light shines in the darkness.

This is a beautiful picture of something that is actually happening. The light of the sun is transformed into the hearts of human beings. This calls upon us to make a space within ourselves, so that the new light of Christ can be born in us at Christmastime.


But now, right now, the work is to make space; for other people who are different than we are, for thoughts that we had not thought before, for new ideas and possibilities. 


This activity of inner space-making can come about as we learn to live with the great perspective offered to us by death and the Book of Revelation. 


Consciousness of our death informs our life. Life is  a school, and the greatest lessons of all come after we have left the body behind. We see our failures, our blindness, our hard-heartedness, the suffering we have caused. And it burns away all that is unworthy in us.


So the question becomes, “Why wait?” Why wait until we die to do the reckoning? With a little imagination we can imagine the impact we are having on others. Why not do the work right now, on this side? Why not forgive, have compassion, let go of grudges?


We have the expression: “I have to carve out space for myself. Carve out time for meditation, or to do the things I want to do.” We carve out space for what wants to shine in us.


We can also “carve” space as a  meditation. We are given tremendous pictures in the Book of Revelation. In the first chapter, the image of the “One like the Son of Man” reveals to us a mighty Being, clothed in white, hair shining white like white wool and like snow. His eyes are as flames of fire, His feet as of bronze refined by fire. From his mouth issues a double-edged sword and face shines like the sun in its full glory. His voice is like the sound of many streams of rushing water. In His right hand He holds seven stars and He stand before seven lamp stands. 


We can form this image in our mind’s eye, for as long as we can. And then we can consciously let it go, without moving or stirring in our thoughts. In that space, we listen. In that space we may receive what the image speaks to us.


We are the lanterns of the light of Christ, which is to shine through human beings through our power of endurance and our devotion to the Spirit. The responsibility never leaves us, although from time to time we may think that the light in us has gone out, or in someone else. But that is never the case really. 


This is the gesture of the Divine Feminine working through us. She is a vessel of selflessness, in order to bring to birth that which is to be born. She shows us the way, that we may bear the new consciousness of Christ in our time. 

by Carol Kelly

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