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Registration Checklist for The Christian Community Summer Camp 2016


    Fill out Registration Form --One Registration Form per child.

      Send deposit or full amount along with Registration Form to:

                        Rev. Carol Kelly

                        4221 Metzerott Road

                        College Park, MD 20740


  Fill out the Health Form. Please send to:

                        Dr. Margarethe Hertle

                        1320 Route 217

                        Ghent, NY 12075


   Please refer to packing list on our website.

   Please check your child for lice before sending him/her to camp.


“In the woods we return to reason and faith.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson



Registration form


Child’s Name_________________________________________________ Birth Date_____/______/__________ 


____Girl ____Boy




Home Phone (______)_____-__________ Parent’s Cell (______)_____-__________


Parent’s Email__________________________________Emergency Contact____________________________


*Swimmer ____yes _____no   *Vegetarian  ____yes  ____no   *Food Allergy_______________________ 


*Grade in September________School____________________________________________________________


      ____I am enclosing payment in full $900 – if received before May 1st

      ____I am enclosing payment in full $975 – payable by June 1st           

      ____I am enclosing a non-refundable deposit of $175 and will pay the $800 balance by June 1st

      ____I am enclosing a donation of $____________ for the Financial Assistance Fund

      ____I am enclosing $100 for Bus Transportation FROM Chestnut Ridge ONLY

      ____I am enclosing $100 for Bus Transportation TO Chestnut Ridge ONLY

      ____I am enclosing $200 for Bus Transportation ROUND TRIP



Parent’s/Guardian’s Name ____________________________________________ 


Parent’s/Guardian’s Signature _________________________________________



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