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Building our New Chapel in Silver Spring

Architect Search Phase​


After purchasing our new property on Colesville Road in Silver Spring, MD - in the heart of the D.C. metropolitan area, we are now ready to hire an architect.  Our community Design Group has finished the architectural program, which you can read here.  This describes the spiritual, community and practical vision we have developed in relationship to this site.  It has been sent out to architects in the region and beyond whom the search group determined might have the approach that would best suit this project. 


With the opportunity to dedicate a created space and visible property in the D.C. area to the movement for religious renewal, we feel very excited and hopeful.  On this page you will find updates and information about the stage of development of the building project going into the future.  For now, take a look at some Christian Community chapels from around the world!  As you can see, there is no one 'look' that these buildings share, and our own space will have to be an original creation as well!

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